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rolls into oblivion


My friends have invaded this section.
In fact, they live in this section.
Cleaning up the comment section and updating some prices to be more fair to how hard I work uvub
Please refer to this journal from now on for commission inquiries!


Commissions are open unless otherwise specified, but if there is a long line, please expect a wait!
Payments are in CAD if paying with paypal!
+You pay the fees if paying with paypal (send to friends/family)+


If interested please send me a note with these things (bold is required, non-bolded is not necessary, but not filling it out means I have free reign):

Fullbody coloured ref of character:
Type of pixel: (50x50, 100x100, pagedoll)
Animation type: (simple, medium, complicated)

Payment type: Points or paypal
Specific animation wanted: (If you want something specific, such as blinking, tailwag, eartwitch, etc)
Other: (Anything else specifically you'd like done)


50x50 Icon Commissions

:bulletorange: Static - 200:points:/$2.00 :bulletorange:

[C] - SailorBones by FayrenMousu Trade: Winter by Fayren[C] - xWhiteDreamsx by FayrenJubjub Trade: Coszcatl by Fayren
[T] - Reidoo by FayrenBabs by Fayren
(Click group ones for crisp image)


:bulletorange: Simple Animation - 250:points:/$2.50 :bulletorange:

[C] - StickFigureQueen by Fayren[C] - Teekyo by Fayren[C] - Violet-Snow by Fayren[C] - OfficerMittens by FayrenSnoozies Com: Camel Oasis by FayrenButterMaster Com: Yevren by Fayren


:bulletorange: Medium Animation - 300:points:/$3.00 :bulletorange:

Espressocat Com: Bjorn by FayrenPaper-Cities Com: Buster by FayrenRhondaz Com: Ringo by Fayren


:bulletorange: Complicated Animation - 350:points:/$3.50 :bulletorange:

[C] - TheFancyOwl by Fayren

100x100 Icon Commissions

:bulletorange: Static - 400:points:/$4.00 :bulletorange:

DancingWithDreams Trade: 2/2 by FayrenIchibrose Trade: Miss.Fortune by FayrenMileyKittyCat Com: White Chocolate Chip by Fayren


:bulletorange: Simple Animation - 450:points:/$4.50 :bulletorange:

Rhondaz Com: Ringo by Fayren

Pagedoll Commissions

Prices will vary depending on character complexity and dimensions wanted
Inquire for a price quote!

Bouncy by FayrenSleepy by FayrenMeowmeowmeow by Fayren

- I have the right to refuse commissions with or without reason
- Changes may be requested up until the pixel is started (ex different character, different outfit, different animation). Once I have started, you may change something for an additional fee. Changes in animation to a more complicated type will require the difference paid
- Please specify if you want something specific. I can't read minds ;w;a
- You may cancel a commission/request a refund up until I have started the pixel. Once I have started it is too late
- Orders will not be started until payment is received
- Priority is not given in order of commission request. Priority is given in order of payment received. Those who pay first will have their commission done first
- Please don't pay until I've given you your total/accepted the commission omg
- If paying with paypal, you pay the fees (send to friends/family)

Things to Do/Commission-Trade List

- Xiumai cheeb | Trade |
- OhSweetYaoiHands 3 50x50 simple animation <waiting for third ref> | Paid |
- Averyte 50x50 static (like jubs)… | Paid |
- purride 50x50 simple animation (bounce)… | Paid |
- Citycreek 50x50 complicated animation (info in note) | Paid |
- DarkBullet777 50x50 complicated animation; roar… | Paid |
- NekoAisling 3 50x50 static icons (info in note) | Paid |


Fayren's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

^Alex, Allen, Adrian^
(kurista, Pharos-Chan, Fayren)


 photo MANIDOLLO7O_zpsc92883d5.png:iconkurista:

+ kurista + Pharos-Chan + Jujubomber + MegBeth + Mairuu + Black-Velvet-Sama + HarmonyDissonance + JubjubtheJabberwocky + Seyance + SirCephalopod = ♥

Bloom icon by embea-iconsXiao icon by embea-iconsFayren icon by embea-icons



Anipan Code: 8154
Charahub Username: Cappuccino
3DS Friend Code: 0516-7749-0836
Weasyl Username: Cappuccino

:iconpoke-noir: :iconharvest-pokemoon: :iconsirens--kiss:
:iconferal-rampage: :iconpokemon-amie:

COM: Page doll for Fayren by Ulqy  photo manipixelbyreika_zps78b7b561.gif

Batsu Pastel {Trade} by JubjubtheJabberwocky


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I make them in order, so unfortunately you'll have to wait your turn ;v; other people have been waiting longer so theirs will be done first
Supersonicepic Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Artist
No no I mean later when's it's my turn I don't what it like a unclear line but pixelated 
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